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How to Block All Websites Except Approved Ones on Windows 10 Nov 12, 2018 How To Open Blocked Sites Easily Without any software 100% Aug 07, 2015

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Access Blocked Websites on Android Phone and Tablet Hola comes in with a built-in browser through which you can surf the blocked websites. It also lets you open apps that are geographically restricted. Say, you’re in China and want to watch videos on Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer, you would install the respective apps and open them through Hola. How To Open YouTube when Blocked in Office | 11 Awesome ways. 3. Open YouTube using IP. Here’s another effective trick that lets you access YouTube even when it is blocked. Quite often, network admins block YouTube, but forget to block the IP address of that website. If that’s what your admin has done, then you can easily open YouTube by using its IP address.

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Top 7 ways to access blocked websites everywhere Best ways to Open Blocked websites in office, school & Universities: – You are completely free and you have nothing else to do and that’s when you thought about spending some time with your facebook friends. You get up, opens your laptop, connects to your college WiFi, types in the facebook URL and hits Enter.And at that wonderful moment, you get an Access Denied message from your college Open Blocked Sites Online - Proxy Websites For School If you are looking for how to watch blocked sites, check out the image above. Just enter the URL of a website you want to unblock and hit go button. You don’t need any proxy software to open blocked sites. How to unblock blocked websites | PCWorld Feb 13, 2019 4 Ways to Block a Website on Your Computer - wikiHow