The starting and peak number of virtual users in LoadStorm represent concurrent users or the number of simulated users at a particular point in time. Each concurrent user will last for the duration of the script. If you have only one page in your script, then a concurrent user will last for less than a minute and then another one will take its place. For example, if you have a test with one

Concurrent users is a common way to plan, measure and manage the capacity of services. In this context, it is common to look at the peak concurrent users for a period of time to decide if you have enough capacity. For example, a sales platform has capacity for 1,000 concurrent users. Solved: Remote VPN users report - Check Point CheckMates Solved: Hello, Is there a way to export a list of Remote VPN users in the local MGMT database which includes last login time etc. ? Something similar League of Legends has nearly 8 million peak daily Sep 17, 2019 Twitch Revenue and Usage Statistics (2020) - Business of Apps

How to find Concurrent Users for SharePoint and ASP.NET

Feb 22, 2018 Destiny 2 breaks 200,000 peak concurrent users on Steam Update: That "reasonably smooth" rollout has hit a bit of a snag. After moving a little past 214,000 peak concurrent users on Steam, Bungie was forced to pull the plug for reasons unknown. Warframe hits a Steam record of concurrent users following

Maximum number of concurrent users, n, that the system can support at peak load is 5,000. Maximum number of requests, r, the system can process at peak load is 1,000 per second. Average think time, T think, is three seconds per request. Thus, the calculation of response time is: T response = n/r - T think = (5000/ 1000) - 3 sec. = 5 - 3 sec.

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