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Now you have a working Ubuntu 18.04 which allow you to run small Linux graphics apps on your Windows 10 system. The Windows Subsystem Linux also proposes some others Linux systems such as Debian, Kali, OpenSuse etc. 7 Best Linux Distributions for Desktop/Laptop 2018. 10 best apps for ubuntu | loobal BOXEE One of the largest omissions from Ubuntu 10.10 could be an inbuilt different to Windows Media Center. leap forward Boxee, the free software system package that turns your computer into a web TV set-top box. With access to the complete Channel 4 tv archive, similarly, as apps for the BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc., Boxee […] Install Ubuntu on Windows 10 | Ubuntu 5. Launch Ubuntu on Windows 10. Ubuntu can now be launched in the same way as any other Windows 10 application, such as searching for and selecting Ubuntu in the Start menu. First launch. When launched for the first time, Ubuntu will inform you that it’s ‘Installing’ and you’ll need to … 50 Best Ubuntu Apps You Should Be Using Right Now – WebSetNet Aug 05, 2018

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