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Mar 26, 2020 How to connect to another DNS server from/to an standalone Apr 02, 2009 Why are there two DNS servers, primary and secondary? - Quora A zone can have only one primary server. This server houses the information for a domain such as its IP address and it receives this information directly from the local files. So, if you want to change some DNS records in a specific zone, you can only do that from the primary server and then the changes will be updated to a secondary server. 2.

Your DNS settings provide the link between your custom domain name and the IP address of the network where Wild Apricot is hosting your site. When you set up a custom domain, or when Wild Apricot changes its IP address, you'll need to get your DNS settings updated …

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is one of the most crucial features of the Internet, yet few people know what it is, and even fewer understand how it works.If you fall into either of those categories, this section is for you. Every website on the Internet has an address.But those addresses aren’t the nice, human recognizable domain names we are used to. Use different DNS servers for different domains - Mac OS X This hint is about DNS routing, i.e. redirecting requests to different DNS servers based on domain name. Sometimes it's good to have separate DNS servers for different domains. For example, you may want to have a local default DNS server on your laptop and use it for all Internet-related DNS lookups, and use your office DNS servers for all

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If the DNS settings are the same, try setting up your computer to use a free public DNS server (see How to use a different DNS server, below). If the DNS settings are different, the VPN is using a DNS server specified by the VPN setup. Contact the person who maintains your VPN server to find out why that DNS server is not functioning properly. Change nameservers for my domains | Domains - GoDaddy Help US