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Jul 02, 2018 Nmap scan specific udp port – Linux Hint Contrary to the open|filtered, the open result means the specified port sent a response. To use Nmap to scan a specific port use the -p flag to define the port followed by the -sU flag to enable UDP scan before specifying the target, to scan LinuxHint for the 123 UDP NTP port run: #

1 개요 [] NTP용 UDP 123 포트. NTP 시간 동기화를 위해 사용하는 UDP 포트; skinparam dpi 150 hide circle hide empty members hide method class NtpServer class MyComputer NtpServer<-- MyComputer : UDP …

Jul 03, 2017 Solved: Different between port 123 (ntp) and 37 (timeserve When operating over UDP, the client sends a (typically empty) datagram to UDP port 37. The server responds with a single datagram of length 4 containing the time. There is no connection setup or teardown. The TIME protocol has been superseded by the Network Time Protocol (NTP).