Jun 29, 2018 · Before Xi Jinping, the internet was becoming a more vibrant political space for Chinese citizens. But today the country has the largest and most sophisticated online censorship operation in the world.

The ICT sector remains dominated by government firms. Cuba's monopoly telecommunication service provider ETECSA is owned by the state.1 Cubacel, a subsidiary of ETECSA, is the only mobile phone carrier. In 2013, ETECSA announced that it would allow private workers to market local and long-distance telephone services to the population as self-employed communications agents. Online Censorship in the States | American Civil Liberties ACLU in June 1997. The Court granted the highest level of First Amendment protection to the Internet, and cyber-activists are still dancing in the streets. But is cyberspace really safe from the censors? Despite the Supreme Court's ruling, states are busy crafting censorship laws at home. At least thirteen states have passed legislation since 1995. Internet censorship in Cuba - Infogalactic: the planetary

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Measuring Internet Censorship in Cuba / Regina Coyula Oct 14, 2017 Cuba’s Internet paradox: - Amnesty Insights - Medium Aug 29, 2017 The First Act of Censorship in Cuba - Havana Times Oct 13, 2016 Yoani Sánchez is a Cuba dissident blogger that publishes a blog called Generación Y, or Generation Y in English, that is censored over the public internet in Cuba by the Cuban government, but is widely read outside of Cuba and is translated into 15 different languages.