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NBA League Pass subscriptions come in three main variants. Users can purchase a Monthly pass for $39.99/month, or spring for an entire year for $299.99. NBA League Pass in Australia $399AUD - Are you kidding me NBA League Pass in Australia $399AUD - Are you kidding me? (rant) I don't know if this has been posted to death in the sub-reddit, but I just logged in to renew my premium league pass subscription and have been smacked in the face with the fact it will be costing me $400AUD to watch the game I love on a premium subscription. NBA League Pass Let's get Started! Sign-in or Sign-up: NBA Account. Step 1: Your NBA Account. Step 2: Personalize Experience. Step 3 : Welcome & Next Steps.

To cancel your subscription and prevent your next upcoming transaction, first you'll need to consider where you purchased your NBA League Pass subscription. If you purchased through your mobile store, such as iTunes or Google Play, you'll need to contact that store to cancel.

International NBA League Pass Availability – NBA Support NBA League Pass is available globally except for the following countries: Africa Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe

League Pass | Team Choice – NBA Support Center Contact Us NBA League Pass Support For U.S. subscribers, please email or submit a ticket to NBA League Pass Customer Support for questions relating to: Account changes