From: Murray Cumming ; To: commits-list gnome org; Cc: ; Subject: [glibmm] Regenerated .defs files.; Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 07:14:40 +0000 (UTC

17.2. Interfaces for libglib-2.0. Table 17-1 defines the library name and shared object name for the libglib-2.0 library commit 34755e6b4efee26f16c13362b96d9166ec0c1d6b Author: Matthias Clasen Date: Sun Mar 11 19:55:47 2012 -0400 Fix distcheck gio/fam/ | 2 +- 1 file changed cppcheck config for glib · GitHub

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Dec 19, 2017 libvirt - Building (or just getting) latest libvirtd for Thanks for the pointer—running plain ../configure led to some more missing dependencies, and after installing those, I was able to configure --without-macvtap and build. So I'm guessing this is a combination of not having a published list of dependencies easily available, and a small bug where configure doesn't pick up on a required dependency being missing.

A GHmac works by feeding a binary blob through g_hmac_update() until the data is complete; the digest can then be extracted using g_hmac_get_string(), which will return the checksum as a hexadecimal string; or g_hmac_get_digest(), which will return a array of raw bytes.

Add g_compute_hmac_for_bytes() · GNOME/glib@183ed8a · GitHub Read-only mirror of - GNOME/glib glib/ghmac.c at master · djdeath/glib · GitHub GLib + android patches. Contribute to djdeath/glib development by creating an account on GitHub.