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App Clips - Apple Developer Because an app clip is a small part of your app, it’s developed in the same Xcode project as your full app using the iOS SDK. And because it’s small, an app clip is fast to open even when it’s not already on the device. When you’re ready to submit for review, you’ll manage it as part of your full app in App Store Connect. Download the Apps Stuck Loading On iPhone Or Waiting: The Real Fix For May 11, 2017 When your app says "Waiting…" Not installing / downloading Sep 03, 2017

Check Network. The first thing you want to make sure is that checking on your 3G/4G whatever …

App Store Review Times for iOS - Approval Time for Apps From March 2011 until March 2019, this site aggregated and averaged crowdsourced data on the length of time that app review for the iOS and Mac App Store took. From the very start of the App Store, until May 2016 the length of an app review was often very lengthy, causing problems for developers trying to schedule releases or set the

HERE is the real solution The underlying problem is with all available download threads (10?) being blocked on apps which either (a) no longer exist in the app store or (b) are not compatible with the version of iOS installed on the device.

4.2. The app (.ipa or .app) The .ipa is an iOS application archive file that contains the iOS app. If the build has been correctly signed, the .ipa can be installed on a real device, corresponding to the provisioning profile used when signing. Ios - Location services popup in app built with old sdk