Jan 09, 2018 · Partial or total internet blocking is becoming a regrettably common government response to protests or political upheaval, but the tactics used and the extent of the shutdowns vary. Here’s what the recent crackdown in Iran can tell us about the regime’s approach to internet censorship and what comes next.

How Iran's Government Shut Off the Internet | WIRED Nov 17, 2019 Internet censorship in Iran – IFMAT Iran’s Cyber Police unit (FATA), tasked with fighting “digital criminals”, is the most notorious. In the chain of command of internet censorship in Iran, FATA is the policing body that acts on information provided by the SCC and CCDOC. Reported cases of internet censorship. Iran’s censorship system is one of the most sophisticated in Internet Censorship in Iran: Network Measurement Findings Internet censorship in Iran appears to be centralised. This is strongly suggested by the fact that we found consistency in terms of how internet censorship was implemented across networks. ISPs were not only found to be blocking the same sites, but they were also found to be using the same set of censorship … Internet Censorship in Iran: A First Look

Iran Internet Censorship Forces Protesters to Turn to Dark Web

Nov 05, 2019

Iran is one of the countries most strongly with Internet censorship. [4] [5] [6] Iran's government and Islamic revolutionary Guard Sepah interested to block all social media . [7] [8] [9] Beginning on 17 November 2019, [10] in response to the 2019 Iranian protests , [11] [12] because of Internet censorship in Iran an internet shutdown [13] [14

Mar 29, 2020 · Censorship of the Internet and a shifting attitude towards digital privacy during COVID-19 poses a threat to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.