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May 06, 2007 How to configure networking with Netplan on Ubuntu Jun 03, 2019 What Is a Default Gateway in Networking? - Lifewire Nov 11, 2019 How to Configure dnsmasq on Ubuntu Server 18 - Linux Hint Here, dhcp-range is used to set the range of IP addresses that the DHCP server will assign to hosts. dhcp-option is used to set the gateway (option:router), DNS server address (option:dns-server), and netmask (option:netmask). dhcp-host is used to set specific IP addresses to hosts depending on the specified MAC addresses.. Now, restart dnsmasq service with the following command:

So what I did is put a crossover-cable between them and configure the Xubuntu as a gateway, all worked fine and now the other laptop is updating the system. This is how i did it in details. Note: the Script come from an how-to from 2004, but still working perfectly.

Connecting iSCSI Initiators - AWS Storage Gateway To configure mutual CHAP on a Red Hat Linux client. In this procedure, you configure CHAP in the Linux iSCSI initiator using the same keys that you used to configure CHAP for the volume on the AWS Storage Gateway console.

IPv4 gateway; IPv6 gateway; DNS resolvers (if you want to use Linode’s) Below are example configurations for the given Linux distribution. Edit the example files substituting the example IP addresses with those of your Linode, gateway and DNS nameservers. Depending on the amount of addresses you want to configure, not all lines will be necessary.

You can specify the default route using the GATEWAY directive, either globally or in interface-specific configuration files. However, in Red Hat Enterprise Linux the use of the global /etc/sysconfig/network file is deprecated, and specifying the gateway should now only be done in per-interface configuration files. How to Find Default Gateway IP in Linux A router is an example of the gateway. All your traffic goes to the router and then to the rest of the internet. Sometimes, you’ll need to know the IP address of your router. The gateway IP is your router’s IP address in the normal setup. I am going to use the IP command to show the gateway IP in Linux. Open a terminal and use the following Configuring Default Gateway on RedHat Enterprise Linux Aug 20, 2018