May 06, 2016

OASIS Public Key Infrastructure Adoption (PKIA) TC | OASIS The OASIS Public Key Infrastructure Technical Committee has begun implementation of its PKI Action Plan, which addresses the primary obstacles to PKI deployment and usage. To review the latest version, see How to Setup PKI and Secure Apache Web server May 06, 2016 Web PKI - Chrome Web Store Boa tarde Amaralina, Pelo que eu entendi, oriento que instale seu certificado A1 no computador que automaticamente o Web PKI já instalado também, irá reconhecer o seu certificado digital. Caso tenha alguma dúvida ou erro na instalação, basta enviar um email com seus contatos para informando o problema ocorrido

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PHP: openssl_public_encrypt - Manual openssl_public_encrypt() encrypts data with public key and stores the result into crypted.Encrypted data can be decrypted via openssl_private_decrypt(). This function can be used e.g. to encrypt message which can be then read only by owner of the private key. PHPki Digital Certificate Authority download |

OP/EN PKI is a PHP SSL public key infrastructure system to manage multiple Certificate Authorities, Certificates, Revocations lists and more. The standard formats for Apache, Email Applications, Web browsers and devices including x509, DER, and PKCS12.

Using SSL Client Certificates with PHP - Jun 03, 2011 PKI - Public Key Infrastructure - E-Lock