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Where can i find the MTU size? | Netgate Forum For example execute command ifconfig sk0(your interface name) mtu 4088. Using jumbo frames? Yes, if the driver / card supports it and that way you can get your whole LAN-side jumbo enabled. MTU changes on a firewall - June 2010 - Forums - CNET Jun 16, 2010

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1500 bytes over wan link of 1492 MTU. Is that possible Hi i have ppoe which allows 1492 bytes to pass through. This makes the mss go to 1452. I examined the packet and the IP header is 20 bytes the TCP header is 32 bytes and the data is 1448 which makes it in total 1500 bytes. Ive noticed that the tcp header is 32 beacause of a additonal 12 byte option

Jul 13, 2003

MTU Size Issues | Network World If the MTU size was able to be increased throughout the path across the WAN, then the added encapsulation overhead could be compensated for by the WAN interface of the routers. Recommended TCP/IP settings for WAN links with a MTU size Apr 17, 2018 Why the MTU size is 1500 ? - Cisco Community Nov 19, 2002